Can facebook sell your home?

Can facebook sell your home?

Like many industries the property sector is facing a rapidly changing marketing environment where the traditional methods are no longer enough to make you stand out.

In this tough market we unfortunately see less buyers and prices have been falling, so it has never been more important to utilise any advantage you can get.

Did you know that 60% of people move within 9k of where they live, with facebook advertising you can target your search to a dedicated area, spending your advertising dollar wisely.

There is another difference the blue and whote goliath gives you and that is you can put your property in front of people who never knew they were looking in the first place.

Many buyers are ‘considering’ buying long before they start actively looking, traditional websites like rely on buyers being active and searching all the properties available.

With facebook we can take your property to them and catch that buyer before they go a look at 20 properties on the weekend.

So what does it cost?

Well its cheap considering, spending $700 for an ad on a leading website isn’t uncommon and I am not saying that isn’t required but you can run a campaign on facebook for around $50 - $100 and reach several thousand people in a certain age group and location.

Although relatively new, it wont be for long. No doubt the cost to advertise will go up like anything else and eventually it will be common that every agent uses the platform diluting its effectiveness.

So from this agent, its 100% yes facebook can not only help sell your home it should be an integral part of your marketing.

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